Chicken Maryland Skin ON Bone Off – Red Souvlaki Marinated


Recommend for SPIT (Rod)

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Skin ON and No Bone

Australian Chicken Maryland with a Greek inspired Red Souvlaki seasoning

This product makes for a great lunch or dinner
Ideal of wraps or a spit, pairs perfectly with a Tzatziki sauce/dip

Perfect for impressing a group of friends or the in-laws

All chickens supplied are cage free chickens.

Hormone and steroid free

The only hormones contained in our chickens are those produced naturally by the chicken itself. The practice of supplementing hormones and steroids has been banned in Australia for over forty years.
The ban is supported by the Australian Chicken Meat Federation and adhered to by ALL chicken meat producers across Australia.

We recommend this product for the spit over Chicken Maryland Bone off Skin OFF as when the skin is left on, it helps reduce the product from drying out over fire.




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