Porky Pine Sausages


Pineapple Sausages

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We looked at a sausage and thought “how can we improve this? How can we try something new?”
We started looking at our favourite meals and after hours of debate we decided a family classic, Pork Roast. Now Pork Roasts always pair well with something sweet like apple sauce and so we took that concept and crammed it into a casing… We call it the Porky Pine Sausage!

We use ethically farmed pork sourced from New South Wales, Crushed Pineapple and Bacon Bits to make this product – its also our juiciest sausage (so far…)

Prepared in house at our Melbourne facility

3/4 length sausage

Approx 1 kg packets

(Does NOT contain porcupine meat)

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