Porterhouse Steaks 200g – 5 Per Pkt


5 Per Packet

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Porterhouse / Striploin / Sirloin Steaks portioned controlled

Each unit is approx 200 gm

$ 7.20 per unit = $ 36.00 Pkt

5 units per packet

100% Australian Grass-fed Beef

Ethically sourced from Queensland

Grown in Australia

This product is portion controlled to guarantee each piece is the same size
Please allow a 5% +/- tolerance in weight (example: a 200 gm steak may weigh 190-210 gm)

Did you know?
Striploin, Sirloin and Porterhouse are all the same product – The names all originated from different parts of the world but in today’s market all 3 are accepted at most butcher shops and grocery stores.


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