Wagyu Striploin – Whole


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Divine for roasting or portion into steaks for a quick and delicious meal

If you prefer to roast it, it stays moist during cooking due to the fantastic internal marbling throughout the roast. Packed with the Wagyu flavour profile, a Wagyu roast is a perfect centrepiece for any meal.

Marble Score 6 – 7

Premium Australian Wagyu

$116.00 Kg

Why choose Wagyu?

Wagyu Beef is distinctively different to other beef breeds because of the unique flavour of the fat.
Wagyu Beef is essentially littered throughout the muscle with┬ámonounsaturated fat – which to put simply are soft fats which render at low temperatures when comparing with other Beef fats.
When Wagyu Beef is cooked, the fat distributes evenly throughout the meat giving it that distinctively sweet and extra jucy flavour that melts in your mouth.

To enjoy the true flavour of Wagyu Beef, avoid overcooking the product and serve with a pinch of salt.

Did you know?
Striploin, Sirloin and Porterhouse are all the same product – The names all originated from different parts of the world but in today’s market all 3 are accepted at most butcher shops and grocery stores.


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2Kg – 2.5Kg, 3Kg – 3.5Kg

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